Post#9 Dream



Everything was in black and white. I was on an island somewhere. Looked like the Scottish Highlands with long reeds of grass covering the everywhere and a tempestuous wind shook the place. I had been lured there for reasons I couldn’t understand. From atop a hill I could see a woman,her face obscured by a scarf pulled tight around her mouth with hair of deep onyx cascading out the back fluttering impressively in the wind. She stood watching me and I, her for what seemed like a lifetime before she turned away and  disappeared on the other side of the hill like some kind of spectre. I followed close on her heels wading through the thigh-high grass till I came to the spot where she had stood. Looking down I saw an indistinct white mass that covered an area of around 10 square feet. I moved to investigate and as I got closer the mass began to move and make noise. It was cattle hundreds of sheep in the middle of nowhere. The woman was still nowhere in sight and I retired to a nearby copse. What was I doing here? I don’t even remember the trip. The last thing I remembered was holding flowers on the way to…what, where I don’t know. A lover maybe? A relative. Now that I was sitting Down I felt an intense drowsiness. Was I drugged? I lay down resisting the urge to close my eyes but whatever I had been given was too strong. I had the funny notion of trying to keep my mind occupied with something else. As if it might help bring me out of it, but there was nothing else to do but count sheep. As my eyes closed I felt something standing over me. Just as my eyelids met I saw a black silhouette of a long haired woman. The last thing I remember thinking before I drifted off was that I was in trouble…

This is a quickly drafted description of a dream I had recently. I woke from the dream sweating and confused, and unable to return to sleep. I drank coffee and watched TV for hours until it was time for me to leave for work. The lack of sleep had made me positively cantankerous, a grumpy mass of sleep deprivation. When It came for my lunch break I sat down outside, lit a cigarette and hurriedly wrote out what I could recall of the dream on my phone.

The above passage is what remained, I think there was something else about a movie theatre, maybe, but I couldn’t be certain so I left it out. It may mean nothing, but as I don’t often dream (or at least never seem to recall my dreams) I felt that this maybe significant.


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