#7 In the Dog House

At Home with the Canine

Say hello to my parent’s pet dog ‘Jake’ he looks like he’s sulking, but actually he’s just resting after his walk. See how comfortable he is lying on my Mum and Dad’s sofa, nestled by the throw? That’s because this is his house while my parents are away (2 weeks in India!).

They’re due to return in just under a week and I’m genuinely counting the days till I can go back to my place. It’s not that I don’t love spending time with this canine trouble-maker, it’s more that I feel like a guest in his house. Jake’s obviously settled, despite the fact that my parents have moved around three times in the past two years. Personally I just feel temporarily up-rooted, guess I haven’t been exposed to the right circumstances to develop his nomadic sense of self.

My girlfriend is also helping me to take care of Jake while my parents are away, but after a week she’s already been driven back to our place thanks to dog allergies. Now it’s just me and him for six days.

The house itself is eccentrically put together by the crotchety old landlord who owns the property (and when I say eccentric I mean impractical.

There are light switches with no apparent effect on the aura of the room, cupboards that don’t open and handles that separate from their fixtures with no more force than a gentile. There is also very little room for anything thanks to  an ill-conceived kitchen space the juts out to intrude on the lounge area.

Considering all these defects and ‘eccentricities’ do not bother Jake in any way ( rationally speaking, what possible need would a dog have for a light switch, even if it did in fact function the way it’s supposed to) I have come to the conclusion that I am quite literally in the dog house. 

With its humble garden space, collection of soft furnishings and complete lack of practicality it seems this house is better suited to a dog’s needs. I have accused my parent’s of spoiling him in the past, but in this instance I think they have gone too far.

Upon their merciful return I intend to interrogate my parents apparent satisfaction with their living arrangements,until than I am bound by family ties to fulfil my obligation as Dog-Sitter.

Fortunately, Jake seems prepared to share is space with me,if only temporarily. I just wish I could achieve the same peace and comfort with this arrangement as he.


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