Wander Lust

Eyes do wander but that is all they are eyes wandering near eyes wandering far searching eyes seeking light shrinking from its brilliance but straining foresight. What will happen next? Let me see with eyes wandering open, wide and unvexed, for this is no betrayal my eyes are windows for looking through I only  looked … Continue reading Wander Lust


In Absentia

I applied indifference like a salve numbing head, heart and ego too the affected areas untreated for so long vulnerable and exposed unwilling to process love too angry to endure another's hate I cannot comment or resist injustice accept only in apathy the current reality I am a part of it too a place-marker for existence … Continue reading In Absentia

Post#5 Leaves

Autumn is for leaves of disenfranchised trees Gold, Amber and Flaxen deserters do as they please crumpled under-foot ground into mush beside the road dreams are crushed as brittle foliage knows well to surrender likewise we wilt between January and December.